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About Us

We contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s

The Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society (HASSS) was founded in 1973 in a humble, small room. Since its inception, HASSS has grown into a prominent social service organization, dedicated to addressing a wide array of social and humanitarian issues in the region. Through education, healthcare, women and child welfare, transgender community welfare, skill development, disaster relief, and advocacy, HASSS has made a substantial impact in uplifting underprivileged communities and advocating for positive change in Society


Inspired by Gospel Values HASSS strives to establish a just and equitable Society.

Our Mission

To identify / facilitate lasting solutions for all sections of society through various programs:
  • Foster & Facilitate the process of change and development
  • Organize the disintegrated communities to sustain change
  • Ensure People’s participation in all the activities
  • Promote respect and dignity of every person
  • Promote strategies through which the potentials and capabilities of the poor are accomplished
  • Strengthen networking and linkages between NGO’s & PRI’s

Families Supported


Scholarships Given


Total Self Help Groups


Made Happy

What we do

We believe that we can save more lifes with you


Educate and develop resource centre for farmers

Water Conservation

Preserving of traditional water bodies and need for water management


We work on preventive and curative aspects of health


Promote accessibility, affordable quality primary education to all

Women Empowerment

We organize vulnerable poor women by forming women self-help groups

Special needs

Identify and support persons with special needs

Sneha Hastam

Cancer Care & Prevention Program


Creation of Livelihood option to Transgender


Economic, social and cultural rights of migrants

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