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The Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society had been actively promoting Kolping India programs in eight villages since the year 2018 covering 700 members from various sections of society.


Just and Empowered society based on the values of blessed Adolph Kolping.



Enhancing the capacities of the marginalized communities in India for holistic development.



Kolping India Trust primarily works among people who are marginalized and deprived of basic needs through “help for self-help” approach. By partnering with Diocesan Social Service Societies in identifying and organizing the marginalized people into groups are known as “Kolping Families” It works on membership model, wherein every person who becomes a member, subscribes to its values and principles of Adolph Kolping. Kolping Family comprises of 10 – 20 individuals living in close proximity, come together to engage in social and economic development activities that benefit self, the group and society. Regular savings and inter lending are an integral part of the group’s operation besides initiatives to solve social issues and problems. Kolping India Trust supports members to improve their quality of life as per their guidelines.


Programs at present supported by Kolping India

  • Individual Income Generation Program (IIGP)

  • Collective Income Generation Program (CIGP)

  • Milch Animal Project (MAP)

  • Housing Support Project (HSP)

  • Vocational Training Project (VTP)

  • Sanitation Assistance Project (SAP)

  • Any other new projects introduced

Emphasis on program sustainability, continuity and revolve funds amongst Kolping Families is the motto.

Success Stories

Shaheen Begum

Khaza Bee

Syed Nafisa Begum

Pantam Balamani

Guduru Shyamala