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HASSS – Self Help Groups (SHG’s)

Women development program was initiated in the year 1991 with 437 members. Program is known as "Swashakty Samkshema Mahila Sangam". The program has been successfully running for more than 31 years since its introduction in the operational Ares of HASSS. Economically poor have benefited multifold with this program. With easy accessibility to institutional credit they have gradually acquired assets, which in turn have resulted in regular benefits to the targeted segments.


  • Improve quality of life among women in the slums through a process of empowerment.

  • Enhance the economic status of the target communities though various viable income generation activities.

  • To develop a self-reliance culture among poor and marginalized to encourage participation in social development

  • Social upliftment, economic betterment and integral growth of the target communities.



The main objectives of the self help groups are

  • Organize the vulnerable poor into small functional groups

  • Initiative savings as per their economic status

  • Introduce books at SHG level to promote transparency

  • Educate members on thrift and promote members accessibility to credit

  • Capacitate SHG members / leaders on group institutionalization, sustain and federate.

  • Network with likeminded groups to enlarge their base and tap resources to enhance their economic status.



Our main mission is to support and strengthen the development process of the poor communities by:

  • Facilitating the poor, particularly women irrespective of caste, creed to help themselves through development programs.

  • Build the capacities of the members at the members at the grassroots through trainings

  • Provide guidelines and hand holdings at the grassroots though trainings

  • Provide hand holding to avail benefits from the government programs to alleviate the vulnerable poor.

Concept of Thrift

Initiate small savings among members within the groups

Provide accessibility to institutional Micro Credit

Extend short term loans to members – who will prioritize, fix repayment schedule and recycle.

Upscale the loans amount after a time frame by extending matching loans.

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