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Ujjwala - An Initiative by CARITAS India

Ujjwala is a project run by HASSS with the support of Caritas India.

Hasss has taken 5 villages as target groups in the following Mandals of Jagevpur, Markook and Kondapak of Siddipet District.

The overall objective of this project Ujjwala is :

  • Food and Livelihood Security expanding through promotion of Climate Resilient agriculture & Livelihoods

  • Farmers, producer organization making use of the possibilities for participation and greater involvement in all village activities

Ujjwala programme aims to address the following:

  • Promote local seed varieties which would be used in varying climate scenario like early/late sowing varieties & short duration varieties etc

  • Water harvesting and conservation to help farmers to provide life irrigation for the crop

  • Integrated pest and organic management practices and helping communities to overcome the problems of the pest and insects that are also increase due to climate change

  • Improved leadership capacities of farmers and community based units are also helping increase their advocacy and access to their rights and facilities from the government.

Keeping the objects before especially to empower communities to foster climate resilient and climate adoptive agriculture & livelihoods HASSS helped the farmers with by providing seeds for the backyard organic kitchen garden and Root zone fertigation and pollution free poultry farming.

Pollution Free Poultry Farming (PFPF)

Nutrition Garden

RZFT Tree Plantation