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Executive Director’s Message

Rev. Fr. Madanu Anthony

The Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Servic aims at supporting community beneficial initiatives towards building sustainable community development avenues to improving Health, Social services and Entrepreneurship, Disaster Relief and Advocacy. HASSS works with communities in identifying solutions to their problems with the overall aim of contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I am extremely privileged to lead this HASSS NGO which is undisputed as well as, well recognized in the field of Social Work. We uphold the ethos and values by dedicating and committing ourselves to the social cause.

The Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society is reaching out to many poor and marginalized people in the rural areas and giving them hope through its many programmes of awareness, non formal education, health and hygiene, Cancer care & prevention program, women's empowerment and other developmental activities. Through various social and development programmes these marginalized people are made aware of their right and duties and able to organize themselves and thus gradually come to the stream.

In this time of COVID 19 Pandemic and at this crisis and turmoil, and in all times of human need, people look to professionals like social workers to help. All of us do this because this is what we're trained to do. This is what our Code of Ethics, our values and our professionalism tells us to do.

HASSS reached out to so many migrants, poor, deserving and Covid affected families with dry ration kits, medical, health & Hygine kits. We make sure that those who need help get that help. HASSS responded to what's needed despite our fears, anxieties and impact on our families and our personal lives. We learn something everyday, yet we also learn there is more that we don't know. Everyday we worry and we question our resolve. Yet everyday we venture forth and do what's needed because we ARE needed.

I appreciate the service of my Coordinators, animators, trainers and volunteers who are always ready to shoulder up any responsibilities by their commitment and dedication to serve the people. It is they who work at the grass root level and create the harmonious atmosphere by the cordial relationship with the people in the village at large. I also thank all those who are partners who help us in our every need by supporting us financially for the programmes and activities in the places where we work. I am ever grateful to Most Rev. Dr. Poola Anthony, Archbishop of Hyderabad & Chairman of HASSS for his continued support and guidance in all the initiatives, I also thank the Vice Chairman, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and all faithful of Archdiocese of Hyderabad for their constant help and back support in all areas. We are indebted to Donors for their ever willing support in finance and time to time guidance. I pray to God that He may inspire all of us to serve the people and help us to build a just society where we the children of our mother India live for each other and help each other in every sphere of life. Thank you all.

  • Fr. Madanu Anthony
  • Executive Director