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Sneha Hastham Cancer Prevention and Care Campaign


  • Sensitization of the program in the districts and form group of volunteers

  • Promote awareness drives, campaigns and street plays

  • Organize rallies on specific subjects

  • Observe Cancer day, cleanliness day and signature campaign

  • Dissuade usage of plastic bags

  • Promote plastic free villages

  • Promote backyard kitchen/terrace gardening to raise organic vegetables

Target Groups

Target communities comprise mostly rural and urban populations in the operational areas

Activities in the field

Cancer Awareness

The dreaded disease Cancer is on increase because of the change in the life-style, late detection of the disease, and lack of awareness particularly in rural areas.

Knowing the above fact HASSS is heading forward in creating awareness on different types of cancer and educating the general public in the rural villages and schools on preventive steps like early detection, different types of symptoms, screening etc.

There is a lot of stigma associated with Cancer. Few of them are fear and myths of incurability, pain, suffering, loss of control and independence, helplessness, isolation, loss of wages, poverty, and death.

To a certain extent the rise in cancer awareness in rural villages where HASSS has the contacts has reduced the stigma around the disease.

Promoting plastic free house, school and village:

The awareness on Promoting plastic free house, school and village is created by HASSS in the villages and schools during different programme. Separation of wet waste and dry waste was introduced and encouraged. Women and Children in the house and school are educated that how the wet garbage can be converted into manure and the dry waste to be accumulated and sold to a recycling unit.