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Empowering Transgenders for a Better Future

Empowering Transgenders for a Better Future: Striving to create a more inclusive and equal society by providing opportunities, support, and resources for the transgender community to flourish and shape a brighter tomorrow.s

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Program Name: Cardinal Poola Anthony's Inclusive Christmas Celebration Empowers Transgender Community
Date: 21-12-2023

In a groundbreaking pre-Christmas event on December 21, 2023, Cardinal Poola Anthony, Chairman of HASSS, demonstrated compassion by celebrating with the transgender community, aligning efforts with Pope Francis' policies. Organized by Fr. Anthony Madanu, the Jute bag making training center, which was unveiled on September 7th offering dignified livelihood opportunities and breaking cycles of discrimination.

Cardinal Anthony's commitment to the marginalized is evident in his holistic approach, reflecting a dedication to positive change. Over 150 transgender individuals actively participated, with more than 30 receiving intensive Jute bag making training and certificates. Additionally, 65 participants received essential supplies, including Jute bag making machines and dry ration kits, fostering immediate support and sustainable empowerment.

Tashi, a respected transgender community member, joined as a special guest. Her reflection on the Pope's welcoming stance toward the trans community was applauded. Reverend Fr. Y. Balareddy added joy. Cardinal Anthony emphasized Jesus' universal love, transcending boundaries. The event promotes acceptance in the Archdiocese of Hyderabad, supported by Miserior. Cardinal Anthony's efforts set a compassionate precedent, making him the first Cardinal in the Telugu states to champion inclusivity. This celebration breaks societal barriers, empowering the transgender community and inspiring global acceptance.