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HASSS Provides assistance for the practice of cattle rearing.

Name of the person: Paladugu Veerakumari & P. Bhargavi Name of Village : Jojipet Mandal: Nandi pet District: Nizamabad Type of Loan : Cattle Rearing Jojipet residents Paladugu Bhargavi and Veerakumari received loans from the Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society for buffalo farming, fostering sustainable income and enhancing family economic stability. This highlights the impact of targeted loans on individual empowerment and local economic development. The society's parallel initiative in Nizamabad extended the model to Veerakumari, promoting rural development through sustainable dairy farming. Continuous monitoring emphasizes the society's commitment to social responsibility, showcasing successful collaboration for transformative impacts on individual livelihoods and broader socio-economic landscapes. Jhansi Rani Coordinator – Kolping HASSS

Grocery Shop

Name of the person: P.Saritha Name of Village : Pragnapur Mandal : Gajwel District : Siddipet Type of Loan : Grocery Shop P.Sarihtha, residing in Pragnapur village, Gajwel Mandal, Siddipet district, is a beneficiary of a loan provided by the Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society. On 4-01-2024, The loan amount of Rs. 50,000 was extended to support the establishment of a grocery shop. The loan applicant's husband, P. Sriivas, actively participates in the venture alongside his wife. The couple has a son named P. Srihari, currently pursuing his first year of intermediate studies. The financial assistance, facilitated by the executive director of the society, Rev. Fr. Anthony Madanu, has empowered the family to enhance their livelihood by venturing into a sustainable business. This initiative not only addresses the economic needs of the family but also contributes to the local community's access to essential goods. The support from the Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society exemplifies their commitment to fostering economic empowerment and uplifting the lives of individuals in the community. U. Jhansi Rani Coordinator, SHG Groups Kolping

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